In Defense of The Phantom Menace

I've been working my way through the Star Wars films in a modified Machete Order to prepare for the release of Episode VII next month. The true Machete Order dictates to skip Episode I entirely, but my modified version retains the order but keeps all six films, because I'm a completist. I also think Episode I gets an unfairly bad reputation and has a lot of good to offer.

*The Muppets* TV Series Initial Reaction

Time for a new installment in my series of Muppets-related reviews and reactions! To sum up: I liked the 2011 The Muppets film, and I loved the 2014 Muppets Most Wanted follow-up. Yesterday saw the premiere episode of the new The Muppets TV series on ABC.

The Incredibles isn't Fascist or Objectivist or Whatever

Popular consensus seems to have settled on the idea that The Incredibles (along with most of Brad Bird's other films) espouses Ayn Rand-ian politics, by depicting the protagonists as inherently special (and therefore "greater than" everyone else) and decrying "participation trophy" culture and "everyone is special" philosophising.