We’re living in a time in our country where every issue is completely divisive and polarizing. You’re either for us or against us, and many people vote entirely on single issues, regardless of the actual policies enforced by their leaders.

What I have to say is this: whether you’re a conservative or a liberal, a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, take a moment to ask yourself whether you want to be seen by future generations as a hero or a villain.

We need heroes to ensure we have good schools and healthcare for our children and our neighbors children. We need heroes who have the empathy it takes to give up some of what they have when their neighbor doesn’t have enough.

A villain pulls his neighbor down with him, arguing that if he can’t have some, nobody should. A villain looks at his neighbor not to make sure that she has enough, but to make sure she doesn’t have more than he does.

No movie has ever had a hero who cut jobs, increased tax breaks for the wealthy, and made drastic cuts to education. We all want to be George Bailey, nobody wants to grow up to be Mr. Potter. So why do we vote for politicians and policies that hurt our communities? Why do we ruin our children’s futures and let our homes and cities slide into decay just to save a few dollars in taxes?

When future generations are dealing with the long-term effects of the policies and laws we enact today, do you want them to think of you as a hero, or a villain? Do you want them to inherit a government bereft of empathy and hope, that denies your fellow man the bootstraps he needs to pull himself up?

So, no matter what your politics, next time you’re at the polls just think: Am I really voting in my and my neighbors’ best interest? Will this vote do the greatest amount of good for the greatest number of people? Does this vote make me a hero? Or a villain?