Listening to Dan Harmon’s (the creator of NBC’s Community) new podcast “Harmontown,” and I thought I’d share this particularly funny quote on dog ownership:

You have to have your shit together to some extent to have a dog. It’s saying “I want an animal to walk around, I’m gonna be the sunshine and rain in its life. If I forget to look at it, it’s gonna have a heart attack.”

It’s a really fun listen, you should check it out, but I will warn you that it’s pretty “NSFW,” so headphones UP.

UPDATE: Literally as I was typing this my dog started making noises like he was getting murdered in the next room. I went to see what was the matter and he was “stuck” (if you catch my meaning) with a friend’s dog we are watching, who is in heat. So I had to…. separate them. Don’t worry though, Otis is fixed. Dog ownership!