So this is a crazy bit of synchronicity.

On February 24th, 2014, I posted on Twitter about the under-appreciated song “Brandy” by the band Looking Glass after hearing it on 94.9 WOLX:

Looking Glass

A little over a week later, on March 6th, 2014, I posted about watching the under-appreciated film “Quick Change,” written and co-directed by Bill Murray:

Quick Change

Here’s the crazy part: the next day, March 7th, 2014, The A.V. Club published a Random Roles interview with Kurtwood Smith (a.k.a. Red from That 70’s Show), where he mentions Bill Murray singing Brandy on the set of Quick Change.

Quick Change (1990)—“Russ Crane” / “Lombino” KS: Well, you know, working with Bill Murray… [Laughs.] Bill co-directed that [with Howard Franklin] and cast it. And I got to work with Jason Robards! So it was fun. The thing was that, when I got the part, they said, “We don’t want him to be mafia,” and I said, “Okay.” So when I read for it initially, I just read it kind of like some executive, and they were like, “Great!” Then when we started shooting, they said, “Could you be more mafia?” And I was like, “What? That’s not what…”  If I had thought about it and worked it up, it would’ve been fun, but there I am, on the set, and now they’ve decided they want me to be more mafia? It was a little perplexing to me. But that wasn’t coming from Bill. That was coming from Howard. But I had a fabulous time working on the movie because of all the people. I like Bill, and I got along great with him.

AVC: Do you have any specific anecdotes from the experience?

KS: We had a scene in the first-class section of this airliner. In fact, they moved the entire movie. The movie was shot entirely in New York except for this scene. They moved the entire picture to Florida where they had a mock-up in a studio of the first-class section of an airplane. So that’s where we were, and we had lots of extras; the plane was full. Jason was in the scene. I think Randy [Quaid] and Geena [Davis] were, too. So there were just tons of people. And we got ready for Bill to call, “Action!” So he said, “Okay, everybody ready? Sound? Everybody…?” And then he starts singing. You know the song “Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl)”? He starts singing it kind of like the lounge guy he used to do on Saturday Night Live… and he sings the entire song. All the verses. The entire song. Then he says, “Action!” [Laughs.] It had nothing to do with anything. But we were all quite entertained. It was great!</blockquote>