The “Winter Meetings” started this week, which means we should begin seeing some trade action. The most notable event so far has been the acquisition of a backup catcher to replace Jett Bandy, who was released by the Brewers back in May of 2018, shortly after they acquired Eric Kratz.

I was sad when the team lost Bandy, mostly because “Jett Bandy” is just such a great/ridiculous baseball name. It’s one that could conceivably appear in the always-entertaining Name of the Year bracket. However, over the weekend the Brewers made an acquisition of a new minor-league catcher that totally makes up for the loss: Tuffy Gosewisch.

Loser Says What?

The best part about Tuffy Gosewisch’s name, the thing that makes it truly great, are that both the first and last names are absurd. If his name was Tuffy Smith or something, that’d still be mildly funny. But “Gosewisch” is funny in and of it self, which is like a multiplier to the inherently funny Tuffy.

Every time I hear this guy’s name, I am going to do a double-take where, for a split second, I assume someone is trying to trick me with a “Loser Says What” type prank.